Better Nutrition

Better nutrition promotes physical and mental functions by fuelling the metabolic and digestive processes. It also reduces feelings of hunger, making it easier to lose weight and gain health at the same time.

Most of us need to improve the nutrient concentration in our food to generate more energy. A diet that simply reduces calorie intake also reduces vitamin, mineral and other nutrient intake, which leads to hunger and ill-health.

The Help4health approach uses natural whole foods and scientifically proven nutrients for good health and function plus internationally recommended principles for a healthy diet, including low saturated fats and sugars.

Healthy Diet

A well-balanced diet is a very long-standing system of eating, to which people become adapted over generations. In contrast, the modern diet contains lots of novel foods, additives and alcohol, all of which may be challenging.

Traditional nutrient dense superfoods include berries, roots, nuts, seeds, fish and sea vegetables. For many, these regional foods contain more appropriate nutrient concentrations than modern foods.

Our suggested regional foods also contain specific plant chemicals and fibres to which our digestive systems are attuned. We can optimize every aspect of nutrition for people adapted to a more traditional type of diet.


It is difficult to know what a healthy diet is, faced with apparently conflicting information and confusing choice. Help4health can help identify minor adjustments that are most likely to be effective. We draw on the best that nature and science offer to help enrich the usual diet with tasty options and effective supplements plus sensible guidance that is not a chore to follow.