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Dear Cath

About 18 months ago I was having pains in my legs like you wouldn’t believe, such that I could hardly walk some days. The worst pain was when I had sat down for a while and then I would have to be helped up and held until I could start walking – which was a waddle not a walk. My doctor had Xrays , MRI scans (as I had previously had back surgery) and blood tests and nothing showed up until one test finally came back to say I was Vitamin D deficient. The doctor prescribed me 850iu a day but my son advised me to start taking a higher potency tablet containing 5000iu per day. It took about a month to feel an improvement but now I get no pain at all. I am not taking the high potency tablets any more (I took them for about 4 months) but if ever I start to get the pains back I will restart.



Hi Jan

That’s very interesting, it illustrates how many people with Vitamin D deficiency remain undiagnosed, even when they have quite obvious symptoms, like yours. Also, what strikes me is that, with a larger therapeutic dose of Vitamin D, you could have recovered more quickly. One wonders how many people on the low dose give up too soon because they feel no benefit for such a long time. Thanks for letting us know about your experience.