Clever Nature herbal coffee is a tasteful mix of organic roasted chicory roots and decaffeinated coffee. Smoother and less bitter than ordinary coffee, it gently promotes healthier digestive and metabolic functions. Swapping Chi-Coffee for ordinary coffee also avoids depleting stimulants.

Other Suggestions

In addition to these nutrient dense foods, we have developed a special berry and multivitamin supplement to address the extra requirements often associated with chronic dysfunction. We have also identified several other supplements, extracts and regional foods that are likely to rebalance the typical diet in a more traditional way. These products have been selected for purity and evidence of efficacy and low side effects. Click the following links to locate the products:

Wholemeal Flour

Clever Nature wholemeal self-raising flour contains a mix of  nuts, seeds, pulses and roots, which are highly nutritious, traditional and gluten free foods. It is enriched with selected natural nutrients to address recognized dietary shortfalls and increased requirements. It also contains a range of natural fibres, which provides for a comfortable digestion and helps to regulate appetite, sugar and cholesterol levels.

Fruit Bun Mix

Clever Nature fruit bun mix contains the wholemeal flour plus several dried fruits, including currants and forgotten berries, with mild healthy spices, providing an intriguing taste. It is also designed to improve the nutritional diversity and anti-inflammatory qualities of the diet by displacing potentially harmful snacks, high in sugar, fats and artificial additives.

Herb Tea

Clever Nature light and refreshing tea is made with a mixture of regional herbs, including mint and lemon balm, that soothe the gut and promote rest via improved metabolic, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral actions.

Supplements for general purposes

Please Note

These suggestions are intended for under-nutrition with unexplained dysfunctional symptoms, either because of increased requirements (e.g. with age or poor digestion) or difficulty in maintaining a healthy balanced diet (e.g. with dieting or food intolerance).

People with recognised medical diagnoses (e.g. Crohn’s) should follow condition-specific evidence-based guidance, toward which these products and  articles may make a useful contribution.

The contents of this website are for educational purposes and are not intended to offer personal medical advice. You should seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Supplements for special circumstances

* contain: vitamin A (i.e. retinol) / iron / zinc / selenium : these elements can be slightly toxic in excess, so avoid multiple doses of the same nutrient (i.e.  combinations that exceed the recommended daily allowance  –  RDA /NRV of approximately 100%)

Clever Nature

CN - Final Logo-01Clever Nature is a non-profit making enterprise, established to produce high quality whole foods to aid the Help4health dietary approach for chronic ill-health and dysfunction. This is a rational and holistic dietary system for improving general health and alleviating dysfunctional symptoms.

Clever Nature products contain a diverse range of nutrient-rich regional ingredients that combine to support good health. The foods are produced without challenging novel ingredients or harmful constituents, additives or processes. They are also free from stimulants and most common allergens, including wheat, barley, oats, rye, millets, gluten, soya and yeast but they contain a variety of nuts.

These foods help people to make dietary adjustments that are convenient and appropriate for sustained healthy eating. They are designed to achieve an optimal and affordable healthy diet and lifestyle that is consistent with but more extensive than the officially recommended principles for a healthy Western European diet.

Clever Nature products are currently available as part of the Help4health consultancy. We are working to make them available on line and in health stores shortly. Please click the icon to visit the website for more information on these products.