I started the diet feeling generally below par. Whilst I could not describe myself as feeling ill, I felt tired and lacking in energy. I had also just had a bout of eczema, something which I had never had before. The migraines that I had been having for a few years had become worse, as had the arthritis in my fingers. Additionally, I had a tennis elbow that was not healing. I had assumed these symptoms were unrelated but Cath thought that a change in diet might help. My main concern at the start was that it would be too onerous to keep up but once I got into a routine, I found that not to be the case at all.

The diet is based on sensible and healthy eating and whilst there has been a shift in the type of foods I eat, the foods are readily available and the diet is not restrictive. This has meant that it has been easy to incorporate the diet into family meals and hasn’t been limiting socially. The health benefits that I have felt make the extra effort involved in preparing the diet more than worthwhile, and as you get accustomed to the diet the effort decreases whilst the benefits increase. What I have really appreciated about the diet is the ease with which it has fitted into my lifestyle.

HLPilates Instructor

As I turned fifty, I started to have poor sleep patterns. Consequently, I was feeling tired in the day and I couldn’t be bothered to do much exercise. I bet this applies to lots of men of my age. However, Cath recommended I try eating more oily fish plus a few other simple adjustments to my diet. As a result, I soon found my sleep improved and I was feeling fresher in the mornings. So, I started to take more of the recommended exercise and I found that a single swim each week radically improved my energy levels. When I look back, it’s clear that my general health has improved a lot from being below par. What I find really surprising is that such little changes could have such significant benefits. I would also say that having Cath’s friendly advice and encouragement really motivated me to take charge of my health.


I have had fibromialga for 6yrs and with this illness comes many other horrible problems, so when added together they make for a pretty miserable time. When I was finally diagnosed, I, like many others turned to the internet for information on how I could help myself with either exercise or diet, and frankly I didn’t know where to start. I found that many people had changed their diets so much that it seemed that any pleasure from eating was taken away from them.

What I like about Cath’s approach is she takes into consideration your life style and what you like to do. With Cath’s help I have now realized some of the triggers to my illness. She has also given me a diet that is practical and easy to incorporate into my life and that of my family.

I have now stopped taking medication for my nasal problem, which only started after I was diagnosed, and I have reduced my other meds down to what is bearable for my daily life. I have also managed to lose some weight, which can only be a bonus. As I am unable to exercise this has given me peace of mind as I do worry what the future will bring. The possibility of being completely inactive means more weight gain, which has adverse effects on my condition so being over weight in latter life is not an option for me.

Cath’s approach is practical, it takes cost into account and it can be done. On a personal note I’d like to thank her for her time and the understanding she has shown to me.

SM Mother & Cook

Everyone deserves clear and concise information about health issues and Dr McGrother offers a manageable and practical pathway to better health. Her personable approach means that her clients/patients feel comfortable and able to share openly their fears and worries achieving a genuine partnership of concern. I found this unique approach combined with the rigorous research offers a genuine solution to dis-ease.”

NCManagement Consultant